Saturday, 15 August 2009

Awkward Stances

Sometimes a holiday can come up at exactly the right time. A combination of work, family and internal factors combined to make me really low.

I really had to get away.

So I did.

So raiding my red shoe fund and packing a ridiculously large amount off I went. If I had the slightest modicum of planning I would have organised my route to coincide with some exciting event but in my manner, that never happened.

In the preceding weeks I went through my clothes and about a fortnight before that I awkwardly hung about a park with several other trannies in London.

Looking at my clothes I realised I still had a lot of stuff from my early splurges which I bought with no eye for how they looked outside. It's hard for me to remember why I bought what I did I guess I was buying anything fem and never expected to go out in them. I also had no idea of what worked, though I wouldn't profess a totally 100% clear idea of what works now just what really doesn't. In the end a surprising amount was discarded to the charity bin and the odd bit retained for lounging about indoors. My clothes rails still look full despite this necessary prune. If I ever do write a book on how to be a tranny the advice for newbies would be to buy from charity and discount shops until you find your style because you will make mistakes and waste money.

But then what do I know? I never knew just how much of a radical difference hair style can make to my appearance until I wore a new style when I went out.

There are photo's of me floating about with wind swept hair (shoulda worn a hat in retrospect) and the look of a very early stage transsexual who had taken another leap out her zone and lived to make more awkward steps another day.


  1. I wouldn't profess a totally 100% clear idea of what works now

    You, me and a large percentage of anyone who's donned a skirt in their life... including (natal) women.

    Maybe that goes some way to explain the popularity of Auntie Gok and 10 Years Younger... A lot of folk seem to love a Cinderella style bit of TV magic. :)

    There are some nice things to be found in charity shops - I think it is down to luck but it also helps to find the right area. Some shops are full of trackies and similar. My sister - the lucky mare - got a Donna Karen trouser suit from her local one. I was just ever-so-slightly jealous. :D

  2. Hi Lucy,

    A "red shoe fund"??

    Is this a fund that you keep specifically for buyig gred shoes, or is it that you hide your savings inside a red shoe?

    a bemused chrissie

  3. @Chrissie Its just the name for my savings, the remainder of which will be spent on some red shoes. :)

    @Lynn I'm probably not in the right area to find a Donna Karen suit on the rails guess its like playing the lottery you can be around for years and and get nothing or hit the jackpot early on. I did watch some of those early Gok shows (along with Trinny and Susanna etc) for ideas, so I'm as guilty as everyone else (although his later series seem a spin-off too far.


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