Wednesday, 31 December 2008

So That's A Whole Year Ended

My invite to Kerry Katona's glamorous party with all her fantastic frozen nibbles including the intriguing King Prawn Spoons and great guests like Jason Donovan, has obviously been lost in the post. So I will probably do what I did last year,  sit at home listening to Big Ben ring in the new year and watch the fireworks. Not that I would have it any other way, its the one time where you need a ticket to go down the pub and I'm never that organised.

The beauty of life is that its often uncertain and throw good and bad things your way unexpectedly I hope you can navigate your path next year with ease.

The Girl Who... would like to thank you for reading thus far. Some blogs are either or all of the following witty, informative, moving, intelligent or inspiring. Mine is ... er, ...

..anyway, happy new year!


  1. Mine is ... er, ...

    Well worth reading. Happy new year!

  2. If you can hear Big Ben from where you are then I envy you...had always thought I would have listened to those chimes in person by this point in my life!

    As far as parties go, I'd probably have to side with the ancient philosopher Groucho and decline attendance at any that would have me as a member...

    May 2009 be wonderful and kind and bring you every dream come true my friend! Thank you for the kind words and the support through this last year! I owe you!



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