Saturday, 20 December 2008

No Longer Quiescent

My post frequency has dipped giving anyone who read's this a break from reading about my gender gubbins. Actually I haven't had the time to develop ideas, some of my thoughts have though, run their way to twitter.

A few may have noticed they are a "friend" lighter on Facebook, its because it was increasingly becomeing a ghost profile and if you are member on social sites you probably should be active. I also think it brought out the worst in me as I seriously considered accepting a total stranger I knew nothing about just to add a friend to my tally. Life should not be a popularity contest, though many acted as if it was. Perhaps I'm being too uptight as to the definition of a friend that it has been devalued in the modern world. And what about a delete profile button as well instead of having to fire off emails.

I am planing for next year, some of the things are that I feel my mind is going to mush at the moment need a challenge and mental stimulation above the occaisional sudoku puzzle. Need to push my development to being a female on top of that, grow my esteem and fight my deamon's and dark thoughts.

And above all DON'T EVEN TOUCH A LABEL DEBATE, however well meaning I am.

Currently trying out Pidgin as an alternative to running seperate IM clients, seems to be running fine my messenger login is lucytolliday AT provided you're not a spammer or troll feel free to add.


  1. Perhaps I'm being too uptight as to the definition of a friend

    True, true. It all starts to seem a bit like Rimmer's comment of "People I've met along the way". Are they really friends or just faces on a screen who sent your app-spam? :)

    Good luck for the new year and I hope you have a nice Christmas.

  2. I don't spend anytime on chat of late, but will have to look that one up I guess!

    Very happy to have words from you here again...though I've seen comments elsewhere, that doesn't tell me how you are!



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