Saturday, 10 January 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback

For those new or relatively recent to the blog, hello I'm Lucy. This blog will probably continue to follow the formula I have used previously, a journal of my life along with witterings on subjects that take my interest. I could separate the two but I'd have difficulty running two blogs.

So this is my first post of the year, (151st overall) a chance for a new start. My writeing performance flagged a bit towards the end of the year and a few threads have been left hanging and not followed up. Thank you for your comments though, they have all been read with interest and I will get round to writeing little notes eventually.

My depression comes and goes along with my gd like many others, thankfully it has not been too disableing recently and the dark thoughts have stayed away. If there is one thing I really should have learnt from last year it is that depression needs to be addressed. I am at the begining of a long path (I've stopped useing the word 'jouney' because of its overuse in programes like Strictly Come Factor, X Danceing, Masterchef and other reality shows) its not a straight A to B and will probably have many up's and down's before the final chapter. Thankfully I am blessed to have people prepared to take time from their own lives who have helped me.

I did say I would write a second part on the law of privacy, again I will scribble it down but with a potentually important case being brought by everyone's favourite footballer Ashley Cole regarding embarrissing revelations about his night with a hairdresser. I probably delay comment until the court has had its say and adjust my comments in light of.

One post from the end of October about my wardrobe mistakes deserves a little update. I did eventually delve through my clothes organiseing and removing some horrors. The space created has been filled by my purchaces over christmas. I think its time to create some more space. Hopefully I am more selective without having to rely on mere luck.


  1. Sometimes a bargain is too good to pass up, then when you get home you wonder what you were thinking. I'm as guilty as anyone about it, though it's usually a DVD or tools or some book, CD, magazine or bit of software I've run across.

    At least yours most likely are finding a good home elsewhere!

    I always appreciate the kindness of your words when you visit; they are always a comfort!


  2. Thank you Alan,
    I do like to think they have found good homes elsewhere.


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