Tuesday, 10 June 2008


You do get the impression that some people care more for animals than they do for children.

Because something isn't 100% perfect otherwise competent potential pet owners are denied the chance to adopt a pet.

While some basic checks are necessary to stop the likes of Tom (above), don't get too pernickety. Most homes are far better than any shelter.

On a related note, PETA are campaigning for potential pet owners to pass a test before they can own a pet. The rationale for this they claim, is that it would reduce the number of pets abandoned.

I don't think this will make no difference, people will just resort to back door routes and won't bother with shelters. Exams can be passed and quickly forgotten. Finally users will probably shoulder the fee, pricing many out of owning a pet.

I do support their campaign against Burberry though.


  1. Ha,I've noticed that for years, yet another strange habit humans have that makes zero amount of sense. You can talk to someone who had a close relative pass away recently and give your condolences and they will brush it off saying they had lived a good life, then if you meantion that you are sorry that their dog had gotten ran over last month they will instantly break down into tears.

  2. Noticed that as well.

    For me its the fact that there are areas deemed not ok for animals but fine for children to live and play.


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