Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I didn't transcribe the whole conversation, this is just some extracts that stuck in my mind.

"You've got something on her, if she says anything just mention her dad..."

"...he's got a wig and a lady name and everything".

"ha, ha, ha.."

"...that's just sad".

I don't know the persons gossiped about, I do know the gossipers. The woman may be obnoxious or sweet, I just don't know. Regardless I feel sorry for her potentially being abused for things outside her control.

I wonder sometimes what's the bloody point. I do try to dispel ignorance, but I doubt it ever sinks in. No wonder so many tranny's are apathetic.


  1. Many people like to engage in gossip. It seems to be a human thing. I wonder if animals do it ?
    That's what this is. Gossiping. Thing is, it makes for good subject matter. When does gossip become offensive and downright wrong ?
    Well, as you say, this is potentially abusing someone, and they have no control over it.
    If only we could *explain*, eh !?
    But stupid people wouldn't listen or understand. Explain the pain or difficulty that also comes with the territory of being Transgendered.

    Keep trying to dispel ignorance...but it'll only work with some folks I reckon...x

  2. Belated thanks. I'll keep trying :-)

    Something like "You know her dad he's a tranny" or something with a joke or two may have set my teeth grinding but for those two ugly sisters it was being used as stick to beat an innocent party.


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