Sunday, 16 December 2018

British Comedy

Its fair to say there's a sad terf'y steak running through British comedy at the moment not just lazy hack writers using a deliberately masculine crossdresser to get a cheap laugh although that's bad enough (excusing the fine subversive gender queer pantomime tradition). From a co-writer of a sitcom you really liked to other male self appointed defenders of women and those bravely making other jokes that punch down to other marginalised groups like the poor and sex workers.

It matches the widespread anti trans media from all wings, possibly that's what is acceptable today that will be unacceptable, one can only hope.

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  1. The meme that really irritates me is that in almost every serious police, political or mystery thriller you know from the moment they appear that any sympathetic trans character will be killed before the end of the season (and sometimes before the end of the episode).
    I think I got sensitized to this early on as I still have a distinct and formative memory from my early teens of UK domestic drama in which the cross-dressing husband was stabbed to death by his wife.
    Since then I've seen the same thing repeated down the decades. Just waiting now for the drag artist boyfriend in 'Berlin Station' to be murdered. He's already been beaten up once.


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