Friday, 21 December 2018

Diversity Kills Comics

One big nonsense this year was comicsgate. If you hang around conversations about comic books you will find some guy complaining about diversity and you can be sure that once someone has laid that poop hundreds of other fly's will gather talking about sjw's, snowflakes and other such crap.
What has to be said is that diversity isn't killing comic books, bad comic books kill comic books. At current prices even a small pull list requires a decent financial commitment. It also has to be added comic books have always been political as soon as they started jumping from newspaper strips to their own publications early Stan Lee wrote about refugees, Superman is one and heavily coded Jewish.
A lot of dudes though spend their time and effort attacking on books not aimed at them like Squirrel Girl there are hundreds of Tony Stark Iron Man books out there for sale and so many guys punching guys comics out there.
Like any of those -gate'ers, and they generally are the same people Its pointless to debate them as they're either so stubborn no amount of facts of reason will dislodge them or they're deliberately out to annoy you so save your mental health and block, mute and ignore away.

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  1. Ah, to find a character - book, comin, film, or video game - that faces the world you can't quite do, that, I think, is particularly special.

    Merry Christmas, BTW 😁


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