Sunday, 9 December 2018

Fighting Nazis on Many Planets

Based on past experience I was expecting the faceless trolls to pile into the current series of Doctor Who and newspapers to cull these unrepresentative tweets as evidence of a backlash, given ratings are up, many collum inches written and there is actual evidence that new fans of the show have been created the BBC will be hoping for many more of those kinds of backlashes. 

Those talking about the Darleks conveniently forget they weren't exactly subtlety coded as space nazis who frequently preached racial superiority and purity, I can also point out attacks on Thatcherism or just Robert Holmes essentially moaning about having to pay tax.

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  1. At Jones Towers, we pretty much tuned out after Matt Smith sent. Not so much down to Smith, but the writing didn't quite work for us.

    The new show is excellent though and werew living the amount of core characters, writing, and the shift in diversity.

    To maintain balance, and if it helps, I can post a rant in a Gammon stylee :-)


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