Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Trending Topic

As well as my position in the trannati I'm also in the group responsible for deciding what's fashionable, The Trending topics, formally the cool list. You have seen our past triumphs from persuading households to put up dado rails, to wear Global Hyper-colour tshirts, tattoo arse antlers onto their lower backs, covering up sexual assaults, among many more. Our current plan is to make lots of young people who have just got fed up playing Pokemon Go while twiddling their Fidget Spinner pretend to be trans by making it look so cool and make many others stop defining themselves as either gay or straight. Things were going so well until some commentators started noticing our work and calling us out for encouraging this fashion. Dammit. 

Of course I could be just making up my role in so many coming out as trans / non binary and/or bisexual/ pansexual etc. And they could really be (and hear me out on this) trans etc. 


That would be stupid.

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Lynn Jones said...

It must be true as you've written it online. :-) When week this madness of people deciding who they are, stop? Before we know it, people may start to be happy with their identity and others may accept then for who are are. Shocking ;-)