Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Anti Bullying Policies and the Church of England

You would think that releasing a document which essentially says "bullying is bad" at the start of anti-bullying week would be deeply uncontroversial and applauded by everyone.

How wrong would you be.

It brought out comments from those who would rather pick on a child than allow the merest hint of anything trans. In the past I have mentioned it is the wrong thing to do not just for trans children but for all children.

A young child doesn't see that baggage that comes with clothes, just something to dress up in. I think there's something instinctive when a child sees a pair of high heal shoes that they'll inevitably try them on and the correct response from any patent or minder would be to make sure they don't topple over when they're clip clopping about and the same applies to adults. The wrong thing to do would be as one commenter wrote to start shouting at them, they're at the wonderful stage where they're exploring and testing and will mostly go on to become cis gendered older kids without some hateful bigot intervening. 

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