Friday, 11 December 2015

Black Tights and Dazzling Dresses

Hello, I still haven't bought my metallic dress mainly after realising that I'm running out of storage space, by the time I find a time to wear it, the style will have long since fallen out of fashion and if I did someone else would probably be wearing the same thing resulting in a tense but dazzling stand off. I haven't bought a Christmas jumper either, though that's because I've put it on my list of trends that need to die alongside cupcake chic, keep calm merchandise and that a retailers Christmas ad is an event to be previewed and given acres of comment.

Talking of fashion I saw pieces on black tights, including The Guardian website a few months ago, about a socially acceptable time to start wearing and suggesting not wearing them was to do with wealth and age. Total nonsense of course black tights can be worn all year round and there are good reasons for doing so, they can complement an outfit, hide blemishes or the fact they're a bit hairy and hides your knickers.


  1. How else would we T-Wookies cope? ;-) Plus, with a high hemline - which seems the fashion - opaques are rather flattering (IMHO).

  2. Of course there is a socially acceptable time to wear opaques! When they suit whatever outfit you have on at the time :)



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