Friday, 7 October 2011

The Joy of Poundland

Poundland is a unique shopping experience full of interesting customers (not as interesting as those in the 99p store down the road, but interesting none the less) and a lot of mainly cheap tat.

On a damp, wet day and wishing not to arrive at my meeting looking drenched and dishevelled, I went in there to buy a cheap umbrella but as soon as you enter you're assaulted by offers despite knowing that some of it is made of material so cheap it will disintegrate by the time the packaging is opened. Its much like the IKEA formula where the customer thinks they're only going into the store for a wardrobe and come out with a shoe tree, an "innovative" cup hook and some glittery shower curtain rings.

There's a huge pile of After Eight's to start. After Eight chocolate's are the sort of thing which were sold as being classy, posh and sophisticated but were none of the above which places them alongside items such as Vienetta ice cream and stretch limousine's.

The book section is a sad area of unloved books that nobody bought filling the shelves, serving as a reminder to the occasionally over optimistic hubris of the publishing industry like the large pile of "Is It Just Me", by Richard Hammond hoping to finally find a home at a knock-down price.

In the end I got my umbrella and a few other things, naturally. For a retailer born during the 90's recession looks set to continue expanding everywhere in this one (apart from Oxford, strangely).


  1. That surprises me, there's no Poundland in Oxford. It might not fit with the Inspector Morse image but Oxford's a town with two halves, and the 'normal' half shares everything with other towns.

    After Eights. Damn, I rather like them. Can I offer you a Ferrero Rocher?

  2. It's interesting that stores like that following the origin of Woolworths are doing so well when back in the 90's there was a drive to upscale our town centres.
    Regards Caroline (Mc1)
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  3. You summarise my feelings about Poundland quite well.

    The Town of Lymington was resisting, very strongly, Argos coming to a vacant site in the High Street. They got a 99p store instead - not even the pukka Poundland.


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