Sunday, 2 October 2011


With all the accusations that certain people are not genuine transsexuals we at FACT, the Federation Against Counterfeit Tranny's felt that we should produce a guide so you can be confidant you've brought home a genuine m2f transsexual.

Often fake transsexuals are of poor quality, can reduce viewing pleasure and jeopardise future transsexual production. Also they are sold by bad people who poke poorly kittens and don't return the shopping trolley after they've used it, so it's imperative that you help us.

If you can't find the hologram then you might want to ask a question like 'do you work in IT?' Or 'motorbikes are great aren't they? If they answer yes you can take her home with confidence.

However if they subsequently express an interest in dresses, admit to quite liking sex, having a crossdressing friend or not breaking up with their long term partner among many other crimes then you can freely message them offering your own diagnosis because the opinions of several trained professionals,sometimes experienced gatekeepers and their own knowledge of themselves patently counts for nothing.

Thank you for watching.


  1. That was great and so truly to the point. I am apparently not a "true transsexual" for several of the reasons listed above. As a "in the closet" pre-op wanting to hold together her marriage, I do not fit certain self-selected Transsexuals who work parti-time as gate-keeepers. Too bad, so sad. I'm not going to let them determine who I am and my happiness. Hell, I didn't ask to be transsexual in the first place!

    Thanks for posting this and FACT Rocks! ; )

    Karin ("I'm Just A Girl (I Think))" Blog

  2. Excellent stuff!

    I answer yes to some on both sides of that divide. Must be fake.

    Still, I seemed to attract the most ire from the more genuine among us when I innocently used the phrase 'Serious transsexual'. Are you a serious transsexual?

  3. "Verbal contract, mate. Means nuffin'" ;-)

    I've found found a hologram, so I must be common-or-garden. The thing is, Rimmer had a holographic H, where does that leave us? :-D

  4. *nods sagely*

    Although I was hpeing for the more recent style:

    You wouldn't steal a handbag.
    You wouldn't post a headless picture to AngelFlickr.
    You wouldn't create a favourites list, but have no user icon.
    You wouldn't steal a picture of another Tranny.
    And post it claiming to be her.
    And flounce from Roses Forum when called on it.
    Impersonating a Tranny is piracy! And ypu will face the consequences!

  5. Wonderfully observed, honey!! :-)


  6. Thank you for those marvellous responses xx

  7. If I'm out & about on my own, on the cobbled tiles of Manchester and 'fortunate' enough to tumble into a conversation with a member of 'the ordinary life', I often have to field questions like

    "is that you real hair?"
    "are those boobs real?"

    To which I'm duty bound to answer "It's fake. I'm ALL FAKE, baby. Hell, even this smile I'm pointing at you now is FAKE. I'm only pretending I like you because the alternative is staring into my drink as I sit by myself". If only more people were aware of the Trans Descriptions Act (which to be honest only just stops short of insisting everybody wear labels to avoid confusion). What now? Some people are *insisting* upon labels being used? Oh gawd, what is the world coming to? ;-)


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