Monday, 20 June 2011

Yay And So On

Hello, haven’t been out recently a combination of a bad neck and visiting the family, the former involved spraying some Deep Heat on the affected area (I would be really useless in the event of an actual injury).  

The latter was made better by leaving the adults area and joining the assorted nieces and nephews in the other room. It was fathers day yesterday, yay for dads and so on, if you’re one of those who have performed the male parental role (the topic of transgender fathers springs to my mind and it is expanded upon elsewhere, I just feel I’d step on some third rail (did I mention I would be really useless in the event of an actual injury)?  So I’ll just say yay to you as well. My own dad doesn’t really go in for this entire card and a gift, and looking at a lot of it ranges from the tacky to the slightly sexist.

What card do you get if your father doesn’t like football, golf or cars? And is there a gap in the market for a crossdressing fathers day card?


  1. Sounds like the start of a fledgling business?

  2. Funny you should ask about cards that don't have footy, golf or cars on them - my Dad likes none of those items really. I try to get one with a decent verse or a note inside that means something.

    Oh and yeah, there is a gap in the market for CD Dad cards. :-)

  3. Difficult I guess a plain verse free card with something written by you inside might work.
    Many hugs Lucy . Neck pain is awful (I should know)


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