Thursday, 1 April 2010

Retrofitted Feminism

Hello just retrofitting my post for a 3D release, so if I start *poke* doing *jab* stuff for *whoosh* no reason you know why.

As you've gathered nothing has prompted me to start hitting the keyboard with gusto *throws paper aeroplane at camera*. Last week was Ada Lovelace day, a day to pay tribute and write about remarkable women in the field of science and technology who will hopefully inspire a future generation to enter those professions. Areas the UK need to get good at if it is to she itself of its recent over-dependence on the financial sector to drive economic growth especially outside of the south east.

*camera now looking from bottom of glass as I pour water into it*

Sadly many women are perceived as being totally clueless when presented with anything mechanical or technological and get marketed to as if total idiots obsessed with whether it'll match our shoes.

Perhaps feminism still has a long way to go. I do agree that modern thinking is more inclusive but there is more that needs to be done to bridge the gap between trans and non trans feminists. Feminism has moved on and perhaps so has trans although there are still many especially older self-identified transvestites who appear to lament the fact society and fashions have moved on and women are choosing to wear jeans.

I believe there is a need for feminism to reassert itself if at the very least to protect the progress gained since the last time 3D was popular.


  1. It's not that I would like to impose my ideas on others but sometimes some on the trans side seem to hold up the images of womans roles from the 40's and 50's as a model whereas the modern woman is very different in how she sees her role and will dress different to those 'Ah! Bisto' ads.

  2. Personally, I'd settle for equality. If a woman, or man, wants to do a particular job, who am I to say no?

    As to women wearing jeans, having worn a skirt and heels for a while (like most trannys), I'm not surprised ballet pumps and trousers are more popular with the fairer sex. :)

  3. Sadly quite a few women see "equality with men" to mean that they can also drink to excess, pick fights, and sleep around.

    Its a shame they didn't pick up on "masculine" things like assertiveness, being paid a fair wage, and not letting advertisers use your low self-esteem to sell you things you don't need!

    (Although quite a lot of guys could do with learning that last one too...)


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