Friday, 16 April 2010


The other thing I've done is to decorate my scrap book (below) and give it the ground-breaking title of My Scrap Book

Ever since I read about a woman who has kept a scrapbook for her adult life featuring all the wonderful titbits she collected, ticket stubs, invites to glamorous parties, pictures, letters and other mementos, collages and keep sakes. I have had the idea of creating a scrapbook for my own trans life, the intention is to document bits from my trans life and transition with lots of glue, sticky tape and crayons thrown in.. 

This blog, I guess, is already a written scrapbook, what I will hopefully have is a physical memento of my life. My first entry are the first pair of clip-ons I ever owned. Over the years I wonder if all the silly little things I've done will build up and show the progression of a girl.

I've seen another transsexual who is doing a similar thing but in a neat, slick and way more professional looking manner instead of my slightly playtime effort.

I say scrapbook, it's more a cheap binder with construction paper, cards and pockets. But pretty cool, as far as I'm concerned. :)


  1. Made much cooler by your effort, instead of buying it!

    My wife wishes I'd reduce my collections to a scrapbook...

    But when I pulled out a birthday card from my Grandmother a while back, gone since '79, and she saw the handwriting of her favorite of my relatives I think maybe she understood a bit, finally!


  2. It's a good idea but you can use your computer generate the pages which you affix the picture or other item to with a fancy background or fonts.

    Regards Caroline (Mc1)

  3. It is a lovely idea, Lucy.

    Seriously, you could almost take the scrapbook, photograph each page, and publish it. It would be a terrific coffee table book for a trans household ( buying audience, but I thought it was a good idea...I'd buy it).

    A creative name too!

    Calie xxx

  4. Great idea, but scrap books shouldn't be neat or slick or professional. They shouldn't be written with publication in mind, just a dumping ground for 'a la recherche du temps perdu' ephemera

  5. I think a blog is one thing, but a scrapbook? It feels, at least to me, that there's more history with it - possibly doubly so that you've made it by hand. I mean, the little things like a ticket stub for a venue, or a receipt for the first pair of (ladies) shoes you bought.

    Maybe something to spring on the grandchildren at the reading of the will too >;-)

  6. Thanks for the comments and ideas. I'm currently learning how to lay it out as I go along, so it should look better by the last page,


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