Sunday, 11 January 2009

Battle Of Who Could Care Less

You join me here as the war between factions continues, inflicting numerous casualties along the way while the rest of the world looks on at the sheer pointlessness of it all.

Yes I am talking about the transgender wars. Now into another year of who knows how many years of upset, hurt feelings and loudly flouncing out of chartrooms, the battle continues as it has done every day except for one Christmas day where the sides met in no gender specific land and played slightly pointless games like word association before resuming the next day.

Currently a group of transvestites are employing their shock troops with their visible stocking tops to go over the top (for which they need no encouragement) unfortunately their 5 inch heals are stuck in the mud and are soon beaten by a set of transexuals in jeans, t-shirts and sensible shoes using their overwhelming sence of superiority. All seems lost until the tv's special agent behind enemy lines a Tracey Roll, starts a debate about stealth and all hell breaks loose.

Can the transvestites advance and claim victory? Or will they have to return to bob mode before then? Stay tuned.


  1. And this is why I avoid the t*forums.

    Will this madness ever end? I think there's more chance for peace in the Middle East :(

  2. Well, Lucy, I am into the jeans, sensible shoes and I have bought a few I know what side of the fence I am on...

    But I did break bread with a TV just the other day. Actually, it was tofu, but it was a peaceful feast and we do understand each other. We came to an agreement on heel height.

    Love your blog, Lucy.


  3. Freud once said: "Why can't we all just get along?"... although thinking about it, it may have been The Joker. :)

    Flippancy aside: we are on two different paths, that's true but we're human no matter how we dress. Sometimes I think that's forgottern.

    Not all trannys represent who I am and likewise, I don't represent all trannys. There are people who push our buttons in all camps and I wonder sometimes why we can't be a little more understanding. Aren't there enough bigots out there without adding to the ranks?

  4. Finally: where do you sit in the debate if you're a tranny who likes jeans *and* heels? :)

  5. It all sounds rather breathtaking. :-)

    Do you think someone will make it into a TV Serial?

    (Sorry. :-) )

    Carolyn Ann

  6. Wise words Lucy. Its not the words, actions, views, labels or opinions that matter - its being true to self and living life to that truism.

  7. If I've said it before please forgive me, but once an author was interviewing "famous" people for a book and asking them what they felt the most important word in the English language was.

    Hedy Lamarr said "Empathy".

    I think that and "tolerance" together would solve most of the world's ills!


  8. I spent a weekend reading the trans vs, trans battle unfold on a couple of different blogs.

    I've been in the batlles before. Hell, even changed sides a couple of times. But, it's all kinda sapping and sad.

    There's a lot to be said for sensible shoes, like, they help my feet stay comfy. But sensible heels are as fun as sensible Birkenstocks, ya just haveta pick your spots. The spots right now seem to be kinda bloody.

    It's really too bad.

    Nice post, Lucy. Who knows, maybe we can mostly just sit and watch the full moon together for three days some month and realize the battles are just plain not worth the energy we expend on most of them.


  9. I really must have missed something here. TvT battles? Maybe I need to get out more! (or less, and read these blogs.)

  10. Good post Lucy. Words can hurt especially stupid words (not yours Lucy)
    It is the anonymous victims, those people in turmoil, unsure of their feelings, close to the edge, lonely & isolated just needing some support, somewhere they can safely explore their feelings without all the prejudice & ignorance we may face in the outside world, I feel sorry for.

    Labels wars & the my T is bigger than your t brigade are selfish cruel morons.

    Those who are in crisis who are driven away, too scared to post, from places/forums/blogs etc which can sometimes be a haven, who I care about. There but for the grace of God go I.

  11. Thank you everyone for such great comments (Pandora, Calie, Lynn, Carolyn, Jess, Alan, Nikki, Rebecca and Debbie). Disagreements are fine but this constant label war gets me down. I know most like me blur the lines (wearing jeans with heals, evening wear and daytime casual for example) and live their lives good and bad.


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