Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Night

Previously on my tranny blog, I stopped at the point I left the house. I had spent the days leading up to it pondering whether I was overdressed, there are times for jeans + t-shirts this wasn't one.

Thanks to an interruption and typically poor time keeping I was beyond being fashionably late. In the rush to leave I grabbed my camera but forgot to put any batteries in. I also forgot to bring any mirror, but that shouldn't matter, should it? Rushing along, the mist frizzing up my immaculately smoothed hair (if I had picked the wig I might have been even more hot and flustered than I was). Should be thankful that bar a bit of recession I can still make a choice.

Yes, getting there. Finally! Need to touch up my make up and swap walking for heeled shoes. Nobody about, nip into the ladies (one small step crossed off that list) but wheres the mirror? WHAT TOILET DOESN'T HAVE A FLIPPIN' MIRROR!


I know I'll take a picture to check... oh...ah! My phone, takes blurry snap, reapplies lippy, takes another snap to be sure I've painted my lips and not my chin or nose. Takes deep breath... "sorry I'm late...I'm Lucy..."

The night whizzed by and the rush helped in that there's no time to panic. Going home my fear dissipated with every passing car.

With all the bobbins trannies have to face its important to remember the good times. There are times when its not easy, my heart goes to you all.


  1. I can't imagine going through all of that...not that any of it would help were I to try! You on the other hand, would be fine no matter what!

    You can't know how lovely it is to find you here again...though I see your comments other places, that doesn't mean I know you're "OK"!

    Thank you for your kind words when you drop by, they mean a lot. And that you forgive me for that last temptation I am very grateful!


  2. Hiya Lucy, you will come to realise that it is the prerogative of us girls to be late ;)
    Not that I should ever know :)

  3. Sometimes it's not easy, but there are good times to be had too.

    A ladies' loo without a mirror? The Saints preserve us! :-)

  4. Thank you Alan, Katy & Lynn :-)

    I have a cheep little mirror now to cope with badly designed loo's.
    Money allowing I'm going to have to do it more often.


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