Sunday, 12 October 2008

Bring On The Wall!

The Hole in the Wall is a work of genius, the guy at the beeb who bought the rights deserves a pat on the back. Watching d list celebs sometimes in a silver jumpsuit which is on some is very unflattering (Vanessa?) being more often than not nudged into a pool of water is almost hypnotic. There's a part of me that says I really should be watching something better and yes I should.

*Mutters something something paved with good intentions*

It reminds me of a story of people who take out certain pretentious films on DVD only to post them back unwatched months later along with a much handled copies of Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Dude Where's My Car which they pretend was for the kids.

But that's just an aside to my brief tale of my night out which went swimmingly and I looked fine for my standards.

Lets go to the judges for the marks on my appearance.

Craig: Four *boo*

Arlene: Four *muted boo*

Len: Six *hurrah*

Bruno: Five

Somebody pokes Brucie to wake him up and the show continues.

19 (or as Paul Hardcastle would put it N-n-n-n-n-ighteen) out of 40 not bad I think, off I go.

Actually was all a bit rushed, which in a way helped as I didn't have time to worry, swapped my walking shoes for heals and then its showtime.


  1. So happy to find words from you here again!

    You get tens in my book any day...

    and anytime you don't want to blog but need to chat, my e-mail is on my profile!


  2. Hmmm, looking that good but no pics for us to gawk over. That makes me a saaaaddd panda (ack, South Park quote lol.)

  3. Thanks both of you :)

    There is a picture but its poor quality having been taken on my phone.


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