Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Wardrobe Mistakes

On Saturdays I don't do much actual shopping. The crowds and long queue's are a bit of a turn off. So it's just browsing most of the time, my purchases are mainly during the week. Like the coat I bought for the cold nights to come.

I really need to pull out my entire wardrobe and decide what goes with which and then make a little list of what I need to add to my collection. I'm sure everybody makes mistakes, especially when you are building up your wardrobe. You tend to grab anything vaguely feminine despite the colour or pattern is hideous making you look like the Bindel-esc vision of what all trannies look like all the time.

That dress was long since placed in a Oxfam collection bin. All photographic records, I thought, were lost in the great computer meltdown of 2007. Almost as if my PC would rather give up than store any image of it. But then they turned up, stored online somewhere I had completely forgotten about, they show a different me. They show what I have done despite being so lazy constantly on the go and so busy I don't have the time. Also what can be done if I make further effort.

Nothing like looking a picture of you looking bad to cheer you up.

That's not to say it was all bad but I suspect that it was more luck than judgement.


  1. I just open my wardrobe to see the many mistakes I've made over the years. Can't agree more that I used to grab as many feminine things as posible and hope for the best. I'm lucky enough now to have met a beautiful woman who not only understands my obsessions but helps me choose clothes and co-ordinate them with shoes etc. She's even the same size as me so she can try clothes on for me to make sure they fit. Secretly I think she does it to borrow as much as she can!

  2. The quarterback that took us to our only "Superbowl" victory has said ever since that given a choice, he'd rather be lucky than good...

    Of course, he also says "If if's and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas"!

    May somehow you find the time to slow down enough to enjoy life and do the things you'd like while still living comfortably!



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