Friday, 10 October 2008


Been away a bit, simply haven't had the writing mojo and in some ways it would just rehash the same old rubbish.

The week started badly and got a little better. I won't go into too much detail I do not want this journal to turn into a Miserable Margret meets Suicidal Sid hybrid and for that to be seen as the only facet of my personality.But I did get away.

While away the Breville didn't make work for idle trannies and I got to try a few outfits, which covered a few styles and largely suited me. Apart from that its been a bit meh, at least the sci-fi double of the Sarah Jane Adventures and Heroes have begun. Now I know the SJA is CBBC but firstly I don't care, secondly I will watch anything Who related (even the first series of Torchwood, which lets admit was a bit crap in places) finally sonic lipstick! Sadly the very good looking dad has left, boo.

Got to sort out a few things, mainly get in touch with my gp and dentist.


  1. > first series of Torchwood

    Although it did pick up (IMO). Not quite the budget of Heroes tho! :)

  2. Hi Lucy
    I hope you can find some peaceful thoughts real soon. Too many sleepless nights are not good for you. Look at me, I am only a teenager & have the body of a fifty year old! I could do with some work from that sonic lipstick.
    Good luck with the dentist.
    OMG I remember wishing I was Elisabeth Sladen when I used to watch Dr Who from behind the settee as a child.
    Sweet dreams

  3. I wonder if sonic lippy stays on and doesn't leave stains on cups.

    Torchwood did get better and in my opinion the second series was better than the first, probably helped by being on BBC2 first.

    I have caught up on the sleep as well. :)


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