Friday, 17 October 2008

Blue Peter

Long an outlet for smug goody goody kids to be smug on television Blue Peter is 50 years old. Its an excuse to play the elephant clip yet again and for those adults who haven't watched for years to wallow in nostalgia.

Plenty has been written about classic line-ups but the classic line-up is the one that was there when you were growing up (for me that's the late 80's, early 90's, making Tracy Island etc). I did also help with their appeals, probably helping to buy a brick of a Romanian orphanage for all my effort.


  1. Off to finish bringing in plants right now, but when I get up tomorrow I'll be doing some Googling...

    I recently picked up a childhood favorite; the original "Addams Family" series. My oldest grandson is exactly the same age I was when I watched it. He is also as delighted as I was by it, though it's only in black and white!


  2. Simon Groom, Peter Duncan, Janet Ellis, and Goldie.

    Although Konnie Huq is incredibly lovely :)

  3. Jeepers, I cannot remeber that far back. But I would have always loved to smack those presenters in the face as they were so annoying ;)

  4. It's a British institution! :) Never cool, but foldly remembered.

    Mmm... Janet Ellis. *ahem*

    Does anyone (else) remember the how to make your own Blake's 7 teleport bracelet? :-D

  5. Alan - I have put some links in. Sorry, should have done it before I published.

    Pandora - I remember a bit of Janet Ellis before she left to have Sophie. Konnie Huq is lovely, she wore some nice clothes as well.

    Katy - I guess some could be.

    Lynn - I did see a clip of how to make one, didn't look much different to the one's used on the series :)


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