Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Decided to take a long cold walk where I ended up at ALDI and left with some shopping, alongside some cheap shades of eye shadow to experiment with and some anti-wrinkle night cream to join the large collection of beauty products I've already got. Thanks to that little bit of retail and cold air I felt better.
This has been linked to on Boing,Boing but I thought worth re-linking (How To Behave On An Internet Forum).

Reading a thread on the Angels about how the membership of forums changes people posting less for various reasons (their life has moved on, or the forum has) and new ones join.

Thinking of all the forums I belong to there are some I hardly ever go to. Some have small memberships and are quite slow, others are not my kinda place for various reasons.

Also my love and wishes to Chrissy Rogers, along with her family and close friends.

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