Thursday, 7 February 2008

Disjointed post.

Hello a sort of disjointed post with a couple of items not worthy of a full post. I sat down yesterday with my diary and wrote a fairly long post which I may write up some day after some hefty editing which drifted into topics of friendship, trust, honesty, love and transgenderism. At the moment its all over the place and lacks structure and a coherent argument it being just a stream of conciousness scribbled down quickly with an old fashioned pen and paper. Although a lot is made of being always on with mobile's, and wifi hotspots its a good thing to just turn it all off for a little while.

At the moment I'm taking a little break going through a bag of Fruit Pastels (they are kinda Moorish) and reading through some blogs on Google Reader which is an web app I definitely recommend (I'm sure there are others) meaning I get notified if someone posts and don't have to open dozens of tabs on my Firefox browser and forget to visit others (includeing some wonderful stories and insights).

"Makka Pakka, akka wakka, micka makka moo!"

Spent early evening a few nights ago as a unpaid babysitter and saw at first hand the power of In The Night Garden. Its like television crack (or Fruit Pastels) for the under fives it's no surprise they have sold so much merchandise of Igglepiggle and his friends.

And Finally.

An good report from BBC local tv - Sex Change Story of Megan.


  1. Thanks for posting the BBC item. It is good news. Suggest putting it up on Angels, hun, so it gets a wider audience?


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