Monday, 7 January 2008

What I Did Next.

Just a few days into 2008, I'm slowly starting to get back into the swing after some time away. Everything seemed quiet a day or two after New Years day, the roads ware not as busy for one thing. Excusing the few who were ill it was like the nation had decided to take a duvet day as one.

The Christmas went well for me, got some time to dress before I went away. I haven't had many chances recently and I haven't developed as much as I hoped but the occasions I've had have been more eventful.

Little things like sleeping "fem" (I don't like the term "en fem" or "fem" but I can't think of a better one). Gradually getting bolder building up to the first time out at a sociable time.

It wasn't perfect, at times I overcompensated pronounced swaying etc., then looking petrified and finally relaxing with a few of my old habits learnt up from three decades of socialisation slipping in. I still have a long way to go but we have to start somewhere. Rather oddly for a tranny I didn't take 100's of pictures at the time, just 4 on my rather basic camera that came with my mobile (and they were mainly to quickly check my appearance).

I've mainly avoided giving advice on this blog partly because there are better places to go and partly because I haven't acquired the wisdom and maturity which would give such advice weight. That said, the best advice I can give to anyone contemplating going out is to just do it don't over analyse or your just cause doubt and nervousness. Just stand straight, shoulders back and go.

So what did I do over chrimbo? In short I went off and stayed with family over Christmas far away in a fairly nice mainly rural area. On Christmas day, drunk steadily over the afternoon, enjoyed my veggie roast and delighted in Doctor Who (I really really want Astrid's outfit). Realised I can't eat everything so went to bed.Woke up from my Boxing day lie in by the local hunt loudly paradeing down the nearby street, they appearing determined to prove their point. Spent time playing with my latest toys, includeing that ultimate tranny accessory a digital camera. And as soon as it started it was over.

As is normal for that time of year mused on the changes that I have happened to me over the past year and for everyone else. A belated happy new year.

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