Saturday, 19 January 2008

My Aims For 2008.

My aims for this year.
I acknowledge it is not as wonderfully laid out as Nicky Susanti's coloured in masterpiece, there's also no time scale for almost all of them. This is largely because things pop up unexpectedly to put a spanner in the works making a deadline unrealistic.

  1. Lose weight. Everyone else seems to claim exactly the same thing I know. These resolutions are often composed after the author has somewhat overindulged during the Christmas period and has put on a few pounds and promptly forgotten shortly after. I haven't given a target either but at worst I hope to lose at least a pound.
  2. Improve self confidence. Its something that has to be tackled day by day there have been slow changes I doubt I'd become some ubër confident alpha person at the end of the year or something similarly remarkable. However like this year I hope to see some improvement. Possibly see a therapist.
  3. Work on deportment.
  4. Be safe. Don't take stupid risks, don't be afraid of seeking help.
  5. Be nice but assertive.
  6. Start dating again.
  7. Work through gender issues.
  8. Go out more often.
  9. Sparkle. I'm booked.
  10. Be a good friend.
  11. Make new friends.
  12. See more of the world. So many places I want to see that I haven't yet. Looking at booking a few city breaks money permitting.
  13. Be better at what I do.
  14. Manage money better.
  15. Fem haircut?
  16. Exercise more often. Visit a gym or swimming pool at least once a week.
Phew not a lot them.


  1. That's a nice list Lucy !
    I wish you every success with it...
    There's some good ones in there, like "be a good friend/make new friends". "Be better at what I do ?", I guess that could apply to a lot, maybe your job as well.
    Apart from "get a new hobby", you've got the lot !

    PS. sorry for not dropping by more often, I am *sure* that you never used to have comments enabled, but I could be wrong. Anyway, expect to see a little more of me, until you boot me out for over-commenting lol ! xxx

  2. Thanks for your kind words Nicky. The comments thing was active but I'd unwittingly hidden the button while formatting the blog.
    I was mainly thinking about my career when entering Being better at what I do, though I could take it generally.


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