Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Everyone Goes To The Toilet

It's been a noisy, crowded time here in Lucie towers. I painted a room pink, then suddenly a lot of women turned up and started dancing. I really should have paid attention to the warnings in the Dulux advert but I was too open mouthed after having seen the Andrex one before.
Whether you scrunch or fold your expensive brand of toilet roll is entirely up to you and not something I want to know. Everyone goes to the loo, except perhaps the queen and the Dali Lamar.  Mainly in gender neutral toilets like trains, coaches, garages, portable loos and their own homes without any fuss.
There are benefits for example if you're a parent with a child of the opposite sex, do you take them in to "your" toilet or send them in alone. The latest panic concerns Brighton Councils decision to install gender neutral wc's one news report invoked "women and children" as if males are never involved in parenting or that no mother has had the awkward choice of either sending her son into the men's alone or into the ladies and vice versa. Its fair to say, with some exceptions, that people go to toilets for one reason, they may fail to lift the seat or have shocking aim (and that's just the women's) but it's just one reason and to do it quickly with no fuss.
Even attractive women mesmerized by pink paint.


  1. Parents take children to the rest room often it's women but it can be men. Sometimes I worry we're engendering a fear on children that every male is suspect. I can't see a problem with separate unisex cubicals although I can deke out of that one with my RADAR key as officially I'm Unisex for those purposes!

  2. I like the idea of gender neutral loos. I wonder what Joe &Joanne Public think of them?

    For some unknown reason, I often end up taking our youngest to the loo. She's five now and we end up in the Gents - all too obviously.

    Like a lot of trans folk, I've used both sets of facilities. It's a bit of a social minefield tho.


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