Monday, 21 January 2013

The Reader Editor Writes

As the readers reader editor of the Park South Bugle it was understandable that they failed to realise that employing a very provocative, abusive writer would lead to the writer penning a provocative, abusive column that the targets of the provocative abuse would object to.

Also in no way are we benefiting from the increased traffic to our website from said column by outraged people putting up links to the piece saying how outraged they were. We also didn't plan to remove it after we had received the bulk of ad revenue from the clicks enabling Toby Jug of the Lawn Shopper to create visits to his own provocative nonsense. A lesson has been learnt and if we do receive a rebuke from the PCC then it will prevent it happening again in the same way misinformed slurs and abuse about other vulnerable communities has been prevented.


  1. I am shocked that the media has made this innocent mistake.

    They are usual so upright, caring and truthful...

    In our dreams...

  2. I thought the whole tone of the offending article would of rung alarm bells with any editor whatever slant as a publisher you may have. Evidently I was wrong as were all of us.


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