Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The River Lambourn - Before During After

The River Lambourn (which runs from Upper Lambourn to Newbury, where it joins the Kennet) before, during and after the drought from roughly the same spot. As you can see the waters clearer and fresher and underlines despite all the complaints, how much the rain was needed.

The dog at the top is my folks who will happily leap into any bit of water no matter how dirty and muddy and will leap at you with the enthusiasm of a small puppy and the force of a small car.

There are more pictures on the Environment Agency's Flickr page.


  1. That last photo looks very inviting :)

  2. It was very fresh and clear, photo doesn't totally do it justice, especially compared to the murky first picture.

  3. Wow! Having visited your area a couple of times, I seem to remember a lot of rain and even more drizzle. Drought?



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