Saturday, 28 July 2012

Five Year Plan

Time for the bloody-hell-have-I-really-had-a-blog-for-that-long moment when I realise I started this blog five years ago. There's better advice out there on how to build audiences, attract advertising and so on. The only slight gasp of wisdom I'd give is that you should take time to find your voice and be authentic. Also don't play around with the layout so much that you disable comments for the first 6 months.

Hardly Yoda like wisdom I know, anyway, enjoy the sport but if you don't there's always BBC 4, the Food channel or listen to some Spice Girls and admit to yourself that they recorded some really good pop songs.


  1. Woo, five years. Congratulations! Yes, the Olympics. I did like the opening ceremony, it's the sport I'm less keen on. :-)

    Psst: Who's the trans lady between Baby and Posh Spice? ;-)

  2. Thanks.

    You mean the ginger one? No, can't remember what she was nicknamed. :)

  3. Lucy, I'll always stop by here. Sometimes late, but I'll never miss a post. I'm always interested in your commentary.

    Most blogs rarely last a year. I miss many blogs dating back to when you began blogging (around the same time with me). Perhaps the one I miss the most is Becky's.



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