Tuesday, 28 September 2010

On The Bus

19:15 hours. Haven't written for a while, going to see if I can try to compile an entry on the bus. Catching the last bus home from deepest darkest Berkshire having visited my mum and dropped off a birthday card for my brother so I thought I'd try to write a stream of consciousness entry with a little tidy up when I get home.

Think the drivers in a rush to get home.

Just looked out the window for a second and saw some deer running on the top of a hill silhouetted in the dusky sky, that would have made a good photo.

A few weeks ago I went to Cardiff....

Bus went over the top of the Ridgeway and you could see the lights of several towns and villages.

...took a look at the Mardi Gras event which was in a cordoned off section of Bute Park, typical pride event really, been there before this summer. Remembered to grab some things to put in my scrapbook. Sadly a bad face day, looked a little blotchy and had a spot or two so  didn't look my best which hardly helped my confidence.

Went round the city taking photo's (which I'll hopefully remember to put in later). As I was walking back to the city centre someone who looked like a reject from Goldie Lookin Chain only without the wit, looks, intelligence or verbal dexterity shouted something homo/transphobic, I have to say if you had the choice of being abused in any accent, the Cardiff accent is probably the one I'd choose. Oh well, I know I wasn't "passing".

Parts of the city centre have been redeveloped and pedestrianised since last I visited a few years ago.


Time to get off, had to stop for a while on a very bendy country road somewhere in Oxfordshire, that looking at it you wouldn't think a bus could get through.


  1. I always find it hilarious when I am criticised by someone who is only counted as human because the other primates refuse to acknowledge them ;-)

    I had my fashion choice mocked the other day by someone who didn't even know how to wear a baseball cap!

  2. Just when you thought that the chav was just a mediaism of the early 00s. One comes lumbering into view without a touch of irony to their nylon clad frame. Bless them everyone :)

    ps: Did you get a tour of Torchwood?

  3. Yes Reverse evolution in action? Lol!
    You get that mouthy stuff most places but it sounds like you had an interesting time regardless and sometimes you do get some great views from the bus that you'd miss if your were driving a car.
    Regards Caroline (Mc1)

  4. What Pandora said! Exactly!

    I'd love to see some of that scenery with you...


  5. Love the pictures, as usual!

    @Pandora - ROFTL!! A classic comment I will never forget and will probably shamelessly use myself.

    Calie xxx

  6. Dear Lucy
    I hope your life is being kind to you & the route you are on leads to the happiness you deserve.
    I hope the Chav Utan did not spoil your day too much.
    Take care
    Debbie X


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