Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Woman Who Shared Too Much

I knew a woman who had (and probably still has for all I know) an unfortunate habit of disclosing too much information once in a while.

And so it was while I was eating my lunch with some cohorts that she says "ooh its all itchy down there, I haven't shaved it for days". After some choking, my reaction was something along the lines of dude, this is wayyyy-yyyyyy too much information. Your colleagues stubbly lady garden is not what you want to think about at any time, let alone with a mouth full of sandwich.

And yet there are many who are comfortable sharing similar things even with transitory friends like I was especially online. The Please Rob Me site was a cleaver attention grabbing idea highlighting the dangers of over-sharing which some should pay heed.

Sometimes, something's are better left unsaid or to the imagination.


  1. Wow.. yes..

    That does seem a little too "intimate" for public disclosure, even more so whislt eating.. :-(


  2. Interesting site and valuable information. Especially to those of us who start off using a female "alias" that eventually becomes a legal name.

    Calie xxx

  3. It's a concern I share about how some are using cyberlife.
    At one level it's like your friend TMI (Too Much Information) hardly social etiquette but not harmful and yet other stuff such as your location, full name and email plus daily schedule is been routinely given out and often linked across different sites. That stuff ought to concern folk at a personal security level as apart from identity theft do you want people you scarcely know to be able to on the right street in the right time in the town waiting for you?

    Great idea to post about it, L.

  4. Wrong, wrong, wrong :) I think you did well to cope with the sarnie attack. There are somethings you don't want to hear and some that you don't want to imagine either.

  5. But how do you get to know someone online if you don't know about the condition of their lady garden! :-s


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