Sunday, 27 June 2010

Time For Soccerball

Its the soccerball foot world kick championships or something taking place apparently there's been some dreadful adverts cynically exploiting support in order to sell fatty snacks and appalling beer.

In marketing world, it seems, the only thing they know about football fan's is that they are passionate and loyal, loyal and passionate and if only their product could tap into that. Except they don't, instead some annoying character pastiche is created who doesn't represent anyone I've ever met and is exclusively male. Presumably all the women are only interested in handbags and Sex and the City 2. This marketing mentality permeates through to the administrators of the game hence daft ideas like the 39th game appear and the only records are Premier League or Champions League ones as if the game magically appeared in 1992 and no records were kept before.

A recent report indicated that many consumers couldn't tell who was a sponsor of the World Cup (I absolutely refuse to prefix it with FIFA which seems to have caught on, in some cases presumably as a contractual obligation but others should really know better) and who wasn't. Presumably makes you wander what they are getting for their money and if it could be better spent.


  1. On some fundamental level I just do not "get" football.

    I do however know that the "official products" of the English team are a German beer, a Japanese TV, and an American chocolate bar.

  2. I do understand soccer but I disagree strongly with these companies piggy backing on the image a healthy activity just to sell foodstuffs loaded in transfats, sugar never mind selling alcohol at below cost price. It is socially irresponsible and only adds to the costs to the UK's health system more to treating the obese and plain drunk.
    Regards Caroline

  3. Yes, I agree, its our World Cup, not FIFAs.

  4. Er, yes, now you come to mention it who are the sponsors...

  5. What is this FIFA of which you speak? :) I'm with Pandora on the not 'getting' of football. It makes a wooshing noise over my head - just like a good Douglas Adams reference ;)

  6. The beer ad where the voice over was saying "do it for Booby.." was particularly nauseating, where as the one with a very wooden Peter Crouch was just cringe making.

    At least its over... until the next season hype starts next week.


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