Friday, 30 April 2010


At least it wasn't in front of lots of people with mobile phones or other wise I might have unfortunately become a YouTube sensation.

After accidentally discovering my theory that flying over the handlebars and travelling face first on to the pavement really really hurts was correct I stumble up and inspect the damage. Blood, torn clothes and a broken bag yet somehow my phone is still in one piece and working. Maybe in future I should dress as a large phone.

Bot enough about me, I was reminded of the whole sorry saga of grotty tabloid splashes, as the PCC released its decision earlier this month on The Sun's front page stories featuring trans children last September. (which I commented upon at the time). The Daily Mail's website churnalistic effort is still online. As you may have found out the complaint brought by Mermaid's on behalf of the parents of one child featured was only partially upheld, on clause one (accuracy) and clause three (privacy). The other parents complaint through the charity was sadly dismissed. One learns that their details were passed on to a TV production company, as if to increase their wrong doing. The mealy mouthed apology buried away deep inside for a front page story also wasn't acceptable.


  1. I hope you're feeling better after your tumble.


  2. Ouch! Blimey, that sounds painful! I trust you're suffering few lasting effects.

  3. Oww... Glad it's only a broken bag and not anything you that's broken.


  4. One more "ouch"! You poor girl! Doing OK? How's the bike?

    Calie xxx

  5. I hope you are healing well after your fall. May your wheel of fortune be much kinder & lead you to happier places.
    Debbie x

  6. Thank you all, its been slowly healing with just a mark left to remind me. The bike suffered a scratch or two but like the phone works fine. :)


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