Thursday, 15 April 2010

One Pig and Their Dog

Its spring and the Stunt Pig (West Squad) has found a friend. While they've been frolicking I've been out despite the spot which tends to find the least friendly moment to make an appearance. Ready early by my standards I took my time, put the boots in a bag to change into later and set off. Not a great deal happened, other than coming down a grassy steep hill in heals is harder than I imagined and I really must change shoes for the way back as well, yet I never do. 

From the actual slope to pondering the metaphorical depths of the slippery slope. My hair is continuing to grow to the length where I feel more comfortable with it. There are, of course, pluses and minuses to this as I'm sure you are aware or can well envisage and my look has blended. I will have to get it styled and trimmed some day, just not sure what can be done with my frizzy mess to make it look better and (preferably) a little feminine.


  1. Cute littl' things!! :-)

    IMO, Heels and Hills rarely mix well, pet.


  2. If the upward slope is the right angle, standing in heels makes it feel like you are on the level :) However, on the way down, there's Hell to pay :D

    Cute pig BTW. May I ask where you got him (or her?)

  3. I'd imagine going anywhere in those would be hellish, let alone downhill! The burners I can get from doing calf raises have proven I want no part of them!

    Glad your hair is cooperating with your wants! I got my first sunburn of the year when I mowed the other day and forgot my SPF 50 first...

    Love the pets and flowers!


  4. Thanks, I got the pig from Jenny btw.


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