Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pink Computers

Ooh I am a lady and I like pink things, as long as it matches my shoes I don't care about the technical specifications or anything like that. I thought it was a one off patronising, bit sexist advertisement from a retailer not known for great customer service. (I would rather push my head into a deep fat fryer than visit PC World again).

Marketing bods in the gadget industries (presumably all men) seem to have decided to target the female demographic and figured that if they pinkify and sell as a fashion accessory then sales will rise and they'll be trebles all round. Ignoring the fact that some women may want functionality, value or something else.

Overall it is also slightly demeaning to the many female geeks and IT workers in what has traditionally been a male dominated arena, who somehow struggle with something which is not accessorised with their outfit or pink.

Of course advertisers have been keen to divide up the population into segments, generalise stereotype, pop into little boxes and flog stuff to. With men its assumed they will only buy something which will result in them getting a shag from some pneumatic blond. As women we're all wannabe homemakers at heart and rather keen to get a stain out of some brats or dippy husbands (for they are all dippy) while smiling.

I would offer some tips on what technology products you should buy, but what's the point of asking me, after all I'm just a girl.


  1. Yes, that sort of thing is best left to the men, petal... ;-(

    We need to know our place.


  2. I do believe that we bloggers probably have a higher degree of techiness than most men, certainly the Neanderthals who swagger around the place pretending to be well hard when really they're having a tough time conforming to their own silly self-imposed macho standard. They all need a damn good slapping in my opinion. As do knowall patronising ignorant arrogant advertising and newspaper men. They're all scrotes. May they get cancer in their bollocks. No, worse (for them): may they wake up tomorrow transformed magically into half-formed women, and then have to face the day. Hah.


  3. Now, now. That's just not true. They don't simply make things pink and hope women will flock to them.

    Sometimes they add fake diamonds too :)

    It is pretty depressing to see what they think will lure women into spending money on gadets isn't it?

  4. Why the interest in pink, doesn't everyone know that black's classic (darlink)? :)

    ...which will result in them getting a shag...

    Been to an IT trade fair recently? The sales force dolly birds are wheeled in, high gloss and high of heel. I wonder if they find the idea as patronising as I do.

  5. "They're all scrotes. "

    And you are normally SUCH a lady..!!


  6. Over here you can buy pink fishing reels, pink Smith & Wesson handguns, pink rifles...


  7. Lasrt year I popped into a shop in Truro to buy a simple mobile phone. The sales guy showed me the cheapest one he had.

    Me: "What do I get if I spend a bit more?
    Guy: "Well we have a better one that has a built-in camera and it's actually the same price. But there's a problem."
    Me: "Which is?"
    Guy: "It's only available in pink."
    Me: "That is NOT a problem!"

    Since then I've added a pink memory stick and a pink MP3 player.

  8. Funny post! Funny comments!

    So true, however, Lucy.

    @Angie - I have a red cell phone. Love it!

    Calie xxx

  9. I like pinks or light blues but put product functionality first. I do have to two pink Hello Kitty memory sticks

  10. Some great comments.

    There is a long and proud history of women in technology from Ada Lovelace to modern day engineers and designers, yet to some its like no female has ever used a computer unless its pinkified.

    I'm sorry to tell the marketeers my gadgets and tech items are almost all black or greyish white.


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