Saturday, 21 February 2009

Got Something To Say

..but nothing comes...

Hello my post rate has slowed down, over the past month, a combination of busyness and being blah (no ups being UP and the lows being haven't been really low) so its fair to assume no news means my final missive hasn't been revisited and I'm ok.

There also seems a big push in the style media that its now the 80's revival, a lot of it seems a bit over stylised and too try hard. The worrying thing is that its probably the first time for a "revival" that I can dimly remember the original and my, what a ghastly decade it was on the whole.

Back to bed, back to reality. 


  1. There are some scary fashions from the 80s, that's true. I see some of the trends - indeed, micro-trends as fashion seems so fast these days - and I wonder which ones will be indicative of our time now.

    A few include: leggings (again), big boots (Uggs), heavy lashes, fake tan, skinny jeans... I'm sure there's a few more.

  2. Fashion treads come and go and I tend to be fairly oblivious to it all. Living among the rednecks there are a few thing that never go out of fashion: flannel, camo, ball caps with a fish hook attached to the bill, work boots, and worn out jeans. I am guilty of a few of those myself even now (and always will be, lol) but at least the substyle of those has turned mostly girly.

  3. I was never a fashionista, though I will admit amusement at watching the world go by!

    Love the photo!


  4. Hey it's taken me a year almost to start posting again.... :)


  5. Someone was talking on the radio about shoulder-pads making a return the other day. Will everything make a come back? Dynasty, 3 million unemployed, etc


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