Friday, 25 April 2008

Back To The Dark Ages.

Spent a few days with my broadband connection down. Slowly catching up with my messages. All sorted out, it makes a tremendous relief not to have to rely on my mobile and dial-up connection to access and send my messages. I wonder how on earth I survived with a dial up connection back in the day.

Along with how much unnecessary bells and whistles are attached to sites. A lot of flash animation added not because it enhances the site but because they can and have been convinced by a web developer to pay for it. Its not all bad, much of it is great. But there's too much of a desire to be web 2.0 when you don't need to be.

Found my old floppy disc recently, I no longer have a floppy drive therefore I've no way of reading what's on it I suspect its my old collage essays.

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