Sunday, 14 February 2021

The Valentine Edition

Happy pointless hallmark holiday designed to make you spend money on unnecessary items. Yes I'm single, how did you guess?
I wrote a few things last year about how to date a trans person when the world and their partner were flocking to online dating. Now many months on when everyone is a bit more jaded it still stays true. 


  1. A girlfriend and I once booked a smart restaurant for a Valentine's meal. The restaurant kept ringing us throughout the day to confirm we were definitely coming. The food was fine but every table being filled meant that service was slow. And it was clear that all anyone there really wanted to do was go to bed early with their partner. I vowed I'd never fall for the commercial requirements of Valentine's Day again. That goes for Christmas too. Sue x

  2. Perhaps like New Year's resolutions, starting a new hobby, or thinking of a holiday: why wait if something is important to you?

    Write your loved one a card, draw them a picture, bake them something, or make them breakfast in bed. "Familiar address are beautiful through love," as a favours writer once said. If you want to celebrate Valentine's, enjoy. If you want to do something kind for your partner at any other time if the year, that's cool too.

    1. Familiar acts are beautiful through love, even.

      Where is the delete button? 😁


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