Friday, 15 January 2021


So there's bit of a stirr about the new Creme Egg advert, involving a same sex kiss where an egg gets passed. I'm sure some comments were expected, even hoped for, by Cadburys. As for those saying it's inappropriate where where they when at teatimes for decades various women would simulate oral sex with a Flake. 
Also the Caramel Bunny was just pure filthy.


  1. Incredible as it may seem, the sexy Caramel Bunny was voiced by Miriam Margolyes. As for that creme egg advert, I found it nauseating. Only because creme eggs are so sickly they make me queasy at the best of times, and the thought of sharing one ...bluurgh! Cute guys, though. Their love is gorgeous. Sue x

  2. Was MM the first person and then later Jan Ravens?


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