Thursday, 3 December 2020


The Christmas tree is up and decorated. It's not the only delay writing this post Microsoft is getting increasingly aggressive in getting me to use Edge and throwing strops when I'm not using a Microsoft application as a default. With legislators from both sides more focused on social media, Microsoft will continue to drift into their old bad habits and harder to work outside their own software on Windows.

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  1. MS were in the news this week around their lauch of Workplace Analytics. It was felt by many that it could be used to spy on people - IMO, a slight exaggeration, but if you don't address such fears, stories tend to grow on their own. However, MS have now removed access to the personal data. At least they are listening to feedback.

    IE 11 is now end of life, so that may explain the push towards Edge. Oddly, I'm not seeing the nagging and I'm using Firefox. Perhaps I've yet to get that Xmas gift ;-)


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