Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Just Like A Woman (1992)

Going down the EPG one evening I came across a channel showing Just Like A Woman (1992), which I had not seen since the early 1990's. To the young viewer I was excited to see trans representation on screen and in a sympathetic manor, the transformation scene was particularly memorable.

The film was based on a real life story, turned into a book with a sub plot about corporate intrigue added into the script. Gerald played by Adrian Pasdar is divorced by his wife after she discovers women's underwear not knowing they're his ending up renting a room at Monica's (Julie Walters) home. Where gradually Monica finds out about Geraldine and unfortunately so does Gerald's boss who promptly sacks our hero. Leading to a climatic showdown between the two featuring some Japanese businessmen straight from central casting.

Watching it recently, you notice the use of the term "transvestite" dates the film and there's a constant feel of heteronormality, throughout. There's no caption on screen saying "not a gay, only likes doing it with women" or indeed something like the opening voice-over to Glen or Glenda there doesn't need to be you're very much beaten about the head with it. Also, apart from the make-up department Adrian Pasdar is not convincing or I would argue that he looks that comfortable as a transvestite.

That said the basic story is fine, the corporate intrigue bits less so, anything with Julie Walters is worth watching and the makers had good intentions, even consulting a trans group during the making.


  1. By all that's fabulous,1992?! :-) I think I remember an interview with Ms Walters (amazing in Acorn Antiques) on This Morning where she was doing the obligatory film plug.

    The corporate bit did feel really tacked on. Oh, and the singing? Yup, that's what we get to up at Chams every night ;-)

  2. I have that film on DVD and still like it. It's dated in many ways but I think it helped introduce many of the realities of trans life to the general public (including Princess Di who, in her usual way, went out and saw it publicly at the cinema). The subplot involving the dodgy company boss is unrealistic and detracts from the main points about trans life, but overall it's a worthwhile movie. Sue x


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