Monday, 20 May 2019

Was Acceptable in the 90's

Following on from the trend of cis people noticing that Ace Ventura Pet Detective was transphobic (and it only took 25 years) are folks noticing Friends hasn't aged well. This spread to the co-creator realising that there was a lot of transphobic gags, not to mention the stereotyping, homophobia, misogyny, lack of diversity, fat-shaming, and that Ross is horribly manipulative.
I also remember Dana International being asked lot of questions about her genitals in interview after interview following her Eurovision win. Sadly asking trans people about what is in their pants  is still acceptable.


  1. There's a radio interview with Katherine Ryan (rather good standup, IMHO) in which she talks about her daughter watching AVPD. Her daughter is very much in the modern times: "why are they mocking that lady?"

    Why indeed...

  2. Things move on slowly but I'm hopeful. I think the current young generation is very cool and gives me the greatest hope. Sue x

  3. Someone messaged me asking about my partner's genitalia, I immediately blocked. It's so rude.


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