Thursday, 6 February 2014


Ouch that hurt, I look up at the faces of my work colleagues and see the reason why. Freak accidents and a lurgy/ cold/ man flu that hung around for a fortnight, it hasn't been a bad start to the year (ignoring all "blue Monday" pseudoscience/ marketing-speak).

Ive been mixing periods of intense activity with moments of total boredom, I'm hoping that it will middle out into one long medium paced meh. One thing I am hoping for is to go out more often, last year was very quiet and that should change this year. I had a long overdue tidy of my make-up bag and cleaned my brushes, something I should do more often.

Anyway, for most of my readers I hope it's not too wet/ cold/ snowed under with emails mentioning Valentine's for you and enjoy February.

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  1. Yes, the weather's not been very good of late (/understatement). I hope things are okay down where you are.

    A make-up tidy up sounds like a good idea. How much junk do we carry around after being distracted by the pretty packaging? :-)


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