Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cupcake Hell

Regular readers of this bloggins will know there are several things I don't like, for example, program makers who call their show The (something) Show, which just shows how unoriginal and uncreative you are. Manufacturers who are still producing Keep Calm And... item's which stopped being witty five seconds after I saw the first variant of it.

And then there's cupcakes.

Cupcakes are the hipsters of cakes and just as pretentious and annoying. Too large to be a nice bite sized fairy cake and too small to be a proper cake, they sit in the watch it dissolve into a million crumbs all over you once you remove the paper no where land, with no amount of creme, frosting or sprinkles being able to mask how bad a cake it is (the pieces you can get into your mouth that is).

Its not just the cake itself its the "lifestyle" being packaged around it. A sort of metro cafe Sex and the City cool meets 50's housewife kitsch. Packed into an overpriced box.

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  1. Umm. I don't mind cupcakes. Admittedly, it is possible to get carried away with the frippery, but isn't that true in life in general?

    A few (female) friends are in the cupcake business and they do work very hard getting everything together. I don't just mean the baking, it is the arms race in presentation. Sometimes you look at other booths and wonder if it's getting a bit much.

    Maybe C4 will run The No Hunger Games with one of those witty voice overs from a *ahem* comedy DJ. :-P


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