Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mildly Diverting Fluff

Not much has been happening personally, I guess I should go out more and fill this digital space with exciting and sexy tales but pffffffft and all that. Though i'm a little busy and the weekend the thought of dingy bars, grotty loo's and trying to get a taxi home against the home comforts of a nice settee, not encountering a charming drunk and the hope of a half decent film on TV or failing that some mildly diverting fluff.

Not falling into the even mildly diverting fluff category is the latest series of Big Brother  There has been many "trans" contestants over the years, including a winner and possibly one who shouldn't have been put into such a show, though Luke is the first f2m I can recall. For all the criticisms the dumb glamour wannabes and brain-dead geezers with anger management issues, female, LGBT and non white contestants have performed better compared to other reality shows.

The honours list came out last weekend bringing the usual crew of party cronies, celebs and those patronisingly dubbed "ordinary people". I could criticise it but then again, its harmless if rather gaudy bling and an interesting day out. Included on the list was April Ashley for her transgender work and a life unwittingly or otherwise helping to fill tabloid newspapers for several decades.


  1. Big Brother seems to fill the same slot in my brain as football. I notice it is on by the fact that it's absent from my (threadbare) viewing schedule.

    I guess we come back to the old line - from Lost Boys - about TV Guides and not needing a TV.

    Still, props to Ms Ashley for her award.

  2. The latest Big Brother just started a week ago or so. There is one contestant who is listed as "gay" but sure appears to be more than that. Beautiful hair, this contestant has btw.

    Don't know if you have it here, but here in the States, a pay movie channel offers Big Brother After Dark, which runs for hours with live cameras around the house, capturing conversations, etc. It is rated MA (mature audiences only) and would never be able to be aired on broadcast TV.

    Calie xx


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