Thursday, 5 April 2012

Do You Really Want To Know My Name

I’ve never understood the attraction of novelty / character pants; generally they’re children’s characters and while some people want a beloved animated character from their childhood on a bit of cloth in front of their privates. Not very arousing or sexy either. It all smacks as being dubiously infantile and should follow the novelty tie into near oblivion.

As I’ve said before you can buy cheaper and better coffee than Starbucks and in a less false, homogenised corporate environment. But then again it keeps the fools, many of whom ostentatiously flash their iPhone’s (presumably to get a free fatty over-sweet flavoured gloop into their drink), out of my place ensuring I can get a seat. Also thankfully they don’t have to ask my name and pretend like they really care in some horrible attempt at so-called personalising the experience.

All I want is a nice tasting hot beverage which also provides me with a decent dose of caffeine, not a pretend “relationship”.

Talking of keeping people out of your favoured store Greggs does the same for my preferred sandwich place at lunchtime it perhaps says a lot for the power of the brand that people are prepared to queue out the shop for food that I find bland and salty. Probably says a lot about the brand and their customers loyalty.

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  1. There are those who'd burn any ties Lucy! I'm not for small logos over 'that' area on pants but a cute logo to the top right hand side is nice.
    Enjoy Easter.
    Regards Caro.


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