Monday, 16 May 2011

I Know That You Want To Try

When I finally get round to writing something new on the blog I find Blogger has crashed. Which, like many, prompts me to consider moving to Wordpress or at the very least backing-up my published entries. A few days later and I still don't have anything new and exciting to write about, the usual job/ family/ tranny stresses and not a lot else. 

Not long from now I will in all likelihood be dreaming the details of which are almost always only of interest to the one whose had the dream. I tend to stumble across comments where mtf trans/ trans historied  people say they've dreamed they're a woman and that means its destiny. Maybe it is a subconscious signal but I'm wary of being guided by dreams, I've dreamt of eating a bacon roll and playing in central defence for Aston Villa (me neither, try to interpret that) I can say with confidence neither will happen even with Villa's position in the EPL table.

Although I did have a very pleasant lesbian dream which I haven't written off happening.

Here's a band I've revisited, whatever happened to Dubstar?

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  1. What is this "Villa" of which you speak? ;-)

    Ooo, Dubstar. Quality. I did enjoy their St Switan's Day cover. Maybe we need a pop music version of IMDB so we can play pop family trees.


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