Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Meet Jet

Meet Jet. He's a rough and ready go-getting type of guy. Jet by name and Jet by nature, smooth and self assured, he with his good hair and designer stubble. He'll take credit for good ideas his minions came up with. He'll talk about 360 degree synergistic strategies. He'll list his strengths ending with making lurrrve at which point there'll be some god-awful boast about his penis-fencing prowess.

Yes I hate him as well.

Ask me to list my strengths and I'll um and er my weaknesses are quicker to mind and I could go on and on to the extent of making myself sound like a totally hopeless case. Its probably my fear of appearing to be bragging, a degree of modesty, some shyness and total dislike of any form of public speaking which holds me back.

There are some things, heck bugger modesty there are many things I am not just good at I'm bloody brilliant at them and I don't have to resort to using meaningless buzz words either.

Modesty is a great, almost laudable trait though there's a time and a place. If you don't promote yourself then chances are unless you've the budget for PR (even then the best promoter of yourself is almost always yourself) nobody will do it for you. If you don't knob heads like Jet will run the world.


  1. I've encountered a few of the Jets of this world too. Have you noticed this though, they seem to move on a lot? They always screw up in the end because you can't live on fabrications forever.

  2. Oddly enough, I've only ever known one person called Jet, and she was a girl...

  3. I wonder if modesty was designed with the British in mind. ;-)

    What lies beneath the flash paint job and fancy hair? Push a little harder and find more than one spot of rust... :-D

  4. You Brits don't do loud!I don't mind a bit of PR but it has to be credible.


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